What is Real Industry?


Real Industry is a non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers university students to thrive in the arts and technology industry.  We create hands-on programs where students work with industry mentors to tackle real-world problems. Students are exposed to new career paths, develop new skills, and rapidly expand their professional networks.



Who Do We Work With?

How Can We Make an Impact Together?


  • Help your students understand how to apply their classroom learning to real industry careers.

  • Connect your students with career opportunities and build their professional networks.

  • Empower your students with real-world industry challenges to help them discover their passions.


  • Get an inside look at how products are made in the music, media, and tech industries.

  • Build your professional network and gain career opportunities.

  • Experience personal mentorship from industry experts.

  • Discover career paths through hands-on design challenges.


  • Discover and connect with talent from over 30 universities worldwide.

  • Establish your brand as an industry and market leader with the next generation.

  • Get hands-on product insights from future consumers and influencers.