feat. DJ SNAKE

Pandora and Real Industry will support DJ Snake and his social impact initiative.


Pandora, Real Industry, and 6 major U.S. universities seek to help artists with their social impact causes. 


The 2018 Pandora Challenge: Music & Social Impact program will educate and empower hundreds of university students.  Students work on a key social impact issue, through the lens of music, music business, and fan engagement. Over 4 weeks, students will launch their own Curated Programs on Pandora, driving audience traffic and calls to action towards the artist's social cause. Curated Programs allow anyone to become a curator on Pandora and share their stories through Pandora’s catalog of music and artist voice messages. 

In 2017, we served 1,200 students in partnership with Common, Jack Antonoff, Tegan and Sara, Manchester Orchestra, and BloodPop®!
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We kick-off all Pandora Challenges with a 3 hour campus-wide event, attracting over 100 university students. Events introduce the artist's social cause and teach students to apply principles of fan engagement, marketing, and curation towards driving a successful call to action.  (The artist is not required to attend our kick-off event.) 


  • Reach and access to college students at top universities to launch or promote your artist's social impact campaign

  • Visibility with 18-24-year-old college students who are interested in the artist's career in social causes

  • Support our next generation of music creators and industry leaders

In 2017, Real Industry and Pandora empowered the next generation of media, music, and business leaders on a US campus tour. Over 1,200 students worked with major artists (Tegan and Sara, Common, Jack Antonoff, Manchester Orchestra, and BloodPop®) to support the artist’s Foundations (The Ally Coalition, Tegan and Sara Foundation, Common Ground Foundation, Make Yourself Foundation, 1 Million 4 Anna, Made of Music).

Stanford students applied their business, music, and digital marketing knowledge to launch a successful advocacy and social impact campaign. Students were joined by executives from Pandora, Warner Bros Records, and the Tegan and Sara Foundation in designing national music marketing campaigns.


We want to support artists with active foundations or social change initiatives. Real Industry handles 100% of event creation and workshop logistics. This event will be no cost to artist or management. The artist is not required to attend our events. All event costs will be paid by Pandora as part of our US campus Pandora Challenge: Music & Social Impact tour.   


  • Artist to provide a 30 second artist message, for pre-roll of the playlists ("Hey, this is DJ Snake, did you know that...") 

  • Provide a call to action, supporting your artists social impact initiative, that university students and Pandora listeners support (e.g., "Sign-up for this event", "Follow us at...") 

  • Grant Real Industry a right to use artist images and foundation logo for marketing event on-campus and publishing an event highlight reel.

2. NICE TO HAVE: Attendance & engagement

  • Artist management and artist foundation commit to review all student campaigns from the event. We want the students to know that their work had an impact!

  • Artist representative, management, or label attendance at the university kick-off event (Artist attendance is a nice to have, and the artist is not required to attend.) Artist teams are responsible for their own travel costs.  

  • Artist may wish to record a 2-3 minute video welcome message for students to view at event.

  • Artist or artist management may wish to provide winning teams feedback during our online, video conference, wrap-up event (60 minutes).


Schedule a call with Jay LeBoeuf (Real Industry / Stanford University). After we receive verbal approval from artist and/or management, Real Industry, Pandora, and the university teams will begin to design and secure the event.

here are some of the universities that support our programs...