University of Michigan Immersive 360 Spatial Audio Challenge
presented by Facebook and Real Industry

Join creative and engineering leaders from Facebook. 
Learn how to design immersive soundscapes for virtual reality.

The Facebook Spatial Audio team would like to empower students to discover careers in virtual reality (VR) and spatial audio. We want students to create their first ever 360 audio content!

In partnership with Facebook, select Michigan students will learn to record, mix, and produce a music and spatial audio experience for 360 video and cinematic virtual. Spatial audio can fully immerse a user in an experience, adding realism and directing attention within VR or 360 video. This presents a major shift in the music, film, gaming industry.

After a 3-hour kickoff event, students will work independently in teams over 4 weeks to create content and build experiences. All teams that submit a project will receive a one on one feedback session with experts in sound design from the Facebook / Oculus teams. Students will also get the chance to review their peers’ work and vote for their favorite. Prizes will be awarded!


We are looking for team captains who can lead a team in the use of Pro Tools. Students who are able to lead a team will receive a free NFR $999 copy of Avid Pro Tools l Ultimate in addition to mentorship and support from the Facebook spatial audio team.  

It is mandatory that each team have a captain as described above, but the following roles will also be available on each team:

Sound Designer 
Responsible for recording and/or choosing assets from sound libraries. Create, craft, and integrate sounds using any DAW. The sound designer will work with the Pro Tools engineer to integrate and mix sounds. 

Music Supervisor 
Responsible for selecting music from a library of immersive music stems and mixes, arranging music for 360 audio, and editing for the desired music. The music supervisor will integrate final music selections with the Pro Tools engineer.


The Event

January 24, 2019
6:00 – 9:00pm

University of Michigan
Duderstadt Center
2281 Bonisteel Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Our event was a success! Stay tuned for more events!