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Real Industry and Native Instruments support the future leaders of the music and creative technology industries in 2019.  


Native Instruments support of Real Industry will allows us to educate, inspire, and empower hundreds of university students. This program brings Native Instruments invaluable connections, product insights, partnerships, and recruiting opportunities from the brightest future engineers, content creators, designers, and entrepreneurs. Students join us from over 40 top universities.

Key Opportunities:

  • Support of Real Startup, our university student entrepreneurship program. Native Instruments support enables us to mentor and support the future entrepreneurs and industry leaders of the music and creative technology industries.

  • Support Real Industry’s Design Challenges. Native Instruments will be a key backing sponsor of Real Industry’s work to bring design challenges to hundreds of university students. Programs are funded by individual donations from music industry employees and other top MI companies including LANDR, iZotope, SUBPAC, Universal Audio, Pro Sound Effects, and more. This program includes a lightweight ask for the sponsor companies, but makes a major difference for university students!

Real Industry is a non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers university students to thrive in the arts and technology industry. We create hands-on programs where students work with industry mentors to tackle real-world problems. Students are exposed to new career paths, develop new skills, and rapidly expand their professional networks.

Opportunity: Real Startup sponsored by Native Instruments

Real Startup provides 25 future music and creative technology leaders with a career-making entrepreneurship experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. (See also Real Startup Overview and a Review of our 2018 Program.)

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The Real Startup Entrepreneurship Program is a Real Industry program that enables university startup teams to develop entrepreneurial skills by taking their innovations to the real world. We connect teams with Real Industry's network of over 400 industry mentors from leading music & tech companies. Over two weeks, teams are given VIP access and coaching from over 30 leading companies. Networking sessions and events connect students with the target markets and companies they aspire to become.

2019 Program Dates: May 27 - June 7, 2019, June 3 - June 14, 2019 or June 10 - June 21, 2019 depending on student availability.
Date to be confirmed in May 2019.

Mentorship support requested:

  • Native Instruments leadership team: 1-2 people mentoring a 4 hour session in San Francisco. Program includes a 2 hour group session on a specific topic (e.g. strategic partnerships within music industry, product strategy for music products, etc) and at least 2 hours of office hours with teams.

  • Native Instruments representative: attend our 4 hour wrap-up event on either June 7 or June 28 (date tbd).

  • Optional Zoom video conference mentorship sessions upon request.

Financial support requested (choose one option below):

  1. EXCLUSIVE FOR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS: Exclusive naming rights for 2019: “Real Startup, supported by Native Instruments” $40,000.
    With Native Instruments inspiring brand, we would like to offer Native Instruments naming rights for 2019.
    As our exclusive naming rights sponsor, Native Instruments can demonstrate its industry-leading position in supporting the future entrepreneurs of music, media, and entertainment technology. At their host universities, students will proudly acknowledge Native Instruments support in bringing them to San Francisco and empowering a lifelong and career-changing experience. We will proudly acknowledge Native Instruments support in all communications, company visits, and outreach.

  2. Sponsor Week 2 of our program: $20,000.

    By sponsoring the second week of our program, Native Instruments enables us to provide education and funding for all of our teams, and secure 50% of our program budget. We will proudly acknowledge Native Instruments generosity as a major donor during all 2019 Real Industry events.

  3. Sponsor 2 university teams for $10,000. This allows Native Instruments to join partners such as Universal Audio, iZotope, LANDR, and SUBPAC as a yearly Real Industry supporter. With Native Instruments help and mentorship, we can enable, inspire, and empower these future leaders of our industry. Additional sponsorship levels upon request.


  • Reach and access students at amazing universities to get product insights, employer branding and recruiting, and support the next generation of our industry.

  • Engage university students to work on real music / creative tech industry challenges, inspired by Native Instruments employees or customers.

  • Discover the next inspiring brands and creative technology companies.

  • Visibility with 18-24-year-old college students who are interested in design, technology, arts, and more.

  • Support a 501(c)3 education nonprofit and the next generation of industry leaders.


Since 2014, educational nonprofit Real Industry has executed over 40 university design challenges. Long-time partners Pandora, Sonos, and Bose have worked with Real Industry since 2016 to host a minimum of 2 university challenges per year. In 2019, Facebook joins Real Industry as our newest corporate partner.

Companies like Sonos, Bose, Autodesk, Facebook, and Pandora engage us to educate and inspire university students. Since the companies receive extraordinary employer branding and recruiting benefits (Bose, Sonos, and Pandora always hire students from our programs!), budgets are typically provided by their HR/university recruiting or engineering budgets. (Profile: Mike Herring, Google’s Business Finance Officer and former Pandora CFO / President on Real Industry.)

Companies receive much more than just employer branding and recruiting opportunities. University students generate inspiring ideas, too! We helped Autodesk, Sennheiser, Bose, and Sonos receive over 1,000 headphone/speaker/design ideas in 2017.  In 2018, we helped Bose launch their Wearable SDK and Sonos empower hundreds of early Sonos API users.  We are helping Facebook launch their spatial audio and VR tools in 2019. 


Schedule a call with Jay LeBoeuf (Founder & Executive Director, Real Industry) to confirm your level of participation! 

here are some of the universities that support our programs...

Stanford University • University of Michigan • University of Washington • Carnegie Mellon University  • University of California, Berkeley • New York University • Tufts University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • University of Southern California •  
University of Hartford • Worcester Polytechnic Institute • California Institute of the Arts •  University of California, Santa Barbara  • Middle Tennessee State University • Berklee College of Music • Georgia Tech • University of Massachusetts, Lowell • University of Miami • Full Sail University  • SAE Institute • Expression College • McGill University •  University of Technology, Sydney • Queensland University of Technology • Macquarie University • JMC Academy (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) • Universidad Claeh, Montevideo