Bose Challenge: University of California, Berkeley

October 16th, 2018 | In partnership with Bose and UC Berkeley | UC Berkeley, CA


Bose Challenge:

UC Berkeley

October 16th, 2018

On October 16th, over 100 UC Berkeley students came together for a kickoff event in partnership with Real Industry and Bose. Students worked interdisciplinary teams to gain real-world experience designing for AR, exploring how companies actually develop products, and developing their professional networks.

Our mission is educate, empower, and inspire university students to succeed in industry. Our partnership with Bose and UC Berkeley allows us to provide hundreds of students with the hands-on experience, mentorship, and guidance they need to thrive!
— Jay LeBoeuf, founder and Executive Director of Real Industry.

After learning more about the challenge at the kick-off event, students broke into teams to start on their task. All student teams attending the 3 hour kickoff event received Bose hardware. Over the following 2 weeks, students used Bose hardware to explore a problem or opportunity, build something, and communicate the engineering and business values behind their accomplishments.


Bose wants to empower students to learn about audio augmented reality and design meaningful experiences around it. Bose AR is a new audio augmented reality technology and platform that makes it possible to superimpose sound on top of the real world. With AR, novel experiences for music, communicating, learning, traveling, and more are possible.

Participants had great things to share about their experience taking part in this challenge. Jessie Ying, Berkeley Master of Engineering, wrote a wonderful piece all about the challenge and included feedback from students. Bose Design Challenge: How might sound-based augmented reality improve our lives?

Team Nod n Talk won the UC Berkeley Bose Challenge. Check out the video below for an explanation of their product.

Congratulations to the Nod n Talk team:

Jovin Foo - MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Bethany Lu - Mechanical Engineering, 2022

Kristjan Theodor Sigurdsson - MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2019

John Young - MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Zining Wang - MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2019

Thank you to all of our student participants from UC Berkeley, and our partners at the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership.


The above winners of the UC Berkeley Bose Challenge went on to win The SXSW Augmented Reality Challenge!

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