Real Industry's 2018 Fall Events

These programs educate, empower, and inspire thousands of students towards creative industry careers. Students make a dent in the universe, while gaining the real-world experience and professional networks they need to secure future employment.
— Jay LeBoeuf, Founder and Executive Director at Real Industry

On September 13th, the Real Industry Design Workshop circuit will kick off, with 13 design challenges taking place at amazing university campuses and cities across the United States. Real Industry is thrilled to partner with our amazing colleagues at Pandora, Bose, Sonos, and Turtle Beach to bring our third year of experiential learning to the future leaders of the arts and technology industry.

As an educational non-profit, Real Industry developed these hands-on workshops ("design challenges") to create the opportunity for students to work with expert mentors at industry-leading companies to tackle real-world product, technical, and business problems. As a result, students are exposed to new career paths in industry, develop new skills, and rapidly expand their professional networks. Our partner organizations stand to benefit as well; companies receive invaluable product insights, employer branding, and talent access, while supporting the future leaders of our industry.


Turtle Beach

Game Industry Night

University of Michigan - Oct. 12th

Check out the Real Industry mission video below for a closer look at our organization’s guiding goals in educating, inspiring, and empowering university students in the arts and technology industry.

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