Stanford Design Challenge with Bose

October 23, 2016  |  In partnership with Bose.

Inspired by Bose's BOSEbuild, this one-day workshop had Stanford students design and build an interactive audio and science educational kit using headphones, earbuds, and custom software. They pitched their ideas to experienced product designers, engineers, and executives from Bose for a chance to win over $1,5000 in Bose headphones. Participants explored the science of hearing and audio technology, and created, recorded, and experienced 3D audio.

Bose has an active college intern program aimed at attracting engineering talent. Working with Real Industry allows us to show up on campus in unique and targeted ways that are more effective at finding the best students. And, most importantly, Bose is philosophically aligned with Real Industry’s goal of educating students about the challenges and opportunities of working in the audio industry.
— Neal Lackritz, Director of Technical Education, Bose
Engaging with students on campus is critical for any company wishing to enable a healthy pipeline of new talent. But to build a connection that is mutually beneficial to the students, faculty and the company is a challenge. Working with Real Industry helped give our interactions a great structure and enabled us to have a great engagement with students at Berkeley and Stanford.
— Lee Zamir, Director, BOSEbuild