Teams are the heart of Real Startup. We’re a small team passionate about helping you grow yours.

In 2017, Real Startup will host five university student teams for a three week residency in the San Francisco Bay Area. During that period, we help teams help them incubate a startup at the intersection of media and technology – including music, video, gaming, digital arts, and VR. Our teams develop deep industry connections with and entrepreneurial insights from companies such as Pandora, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, Autodesk, and Dolby.


We’re excited to have teams from multiple universities and countries.


String Theory Labs (STL) delivers immersive 3D audio and multimedia content to live music events. STL enables artists to create immersive experiences and enables music venues to deliver them. So far, 3D sound for live music has been held back by the challenges in implementing immersive sound systems in practice. STL provides an end-to-end solution, integrating multiple technologies to mitigate these challenges. Our technology connects artists and venues, allowing them to create high quality immersive experiences with ease. STL’s technology adds value to what venues can offer their customers and gives artists new creative ways to differentiate themselves in a competitive and saturated industry.

Wisam Reid, Victoria Grace, Rishi Sharma, Eddie Groshev, Itamar Orr



We hope to address two issues in the music industry: the decline of profit from selling physical goods, and the surplus of legacy material that labels house. We hope to collect surplus material, repurpose it, and sell it to consumers as part of collections (possibly in partnership with other brands). The money from these sales will then be filtered back to artists and labels. We will address the “merch stigma” by re-creating merchandise into classy, sophisticated, and chic lifestyle collections. Artists will be able to promote their brand as a lifestyle. Not only will labels and artists receive profits from new markets of customers, but they will also be exposed to new markets of fans.

Madison McClung, Morgan Mahlock



We propose a feature set for audio playback systems that attenuates sound levels automatically to lower and safer levels, without any noticeable change from the users’ perspective. This can greatly reduce damage to hearing from constant exposure to high intensities, and prevent hearing loss for many people. We believe we can do this not just without disrupting the experience, but possibly enhancing user engagement. We believe our feature set can be applicable and marketed to a wide audience, and positively shape perception of a brand that utilizes it. Our work is backed by psychoacoustic experiments and signal processing practice.

Yuval Adler, Prateek Murgai



FoleyDesigner fuses human performance and state-of-the-art computer-generated sound to revolutionize interactive sound design and accelerate current audio post-production workflows, by interfacing with a variety of widely available input devices to allow the performance of sound effects. These effects are individually crafted as instruments, based on a combination of state-of-the-art computational sound models and real-time audio processing, and can easily be edited or re-performed at any stage of the production process without deteriorating the sound quality. An even larger opportunity can be found in the rapidly growing fields of virtual and augmented reality. As the captured human performance can be manipulated at runtime, interactions with virtual objects can come to life through sound as though there were a virtual Foley artist performing in the background.

Christian Heinrichs, Andrew McPherson



Between the Dimensions is a startup audio-visual production house. Our focus is on interactive and experiential art installations that seek to disseminate new scientific information and create relatable, inward experiences for the participant audience. The wider audio-visual market is trending upwards, yet there is not much content being created that is both educational, and intended for large-formats like IMAX theaters and planetariums. We seek to fill this niche by working with scientists in the field to translate new scientific insight into artistic expressions that are intriguing and immersive.

Matthew McIntyre, David Abrams, John Snelgrove, Tejaswi Gorti, Angela Gildem