Real Startup Cohort Testimonials

Without Real Startup, there is no way I would have the in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of how the music tech industry works. Through the network made available in the program, I have had access to career opportunities and gained industry-specific know-how I would never have had access to in any classroom or startup boot camp.
— Andre Kostiw-Gill, Playgrounds
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Real Startup was the most intense, immersive accelerator program I’ve ever experienced— in just two weeks, Jay introduced me to a top-tier network of music companies and taught me the true value of ‘getting out of the classroom.’ I spent months reading up on the lean startup methodology, but this program gave me invaluable resources to build a business in such a nuanced space like the music industry.
— Quinn Robertson, Curtain Call
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My time at Real Startup this past summer was profoundly enriching. Not only did I learn a great deal about the process of getting a music tech startup off the ground, but I also walked away from the program with an unbelievable network of music tech professionals from across the industry. Jay does a fantastic job of ensuring that every day of the program is jam-packed with opportunity, and I can’t thank him enough for giving my team the chance to participate in his program.
— Jakub Walerstein, CherryStems Music
The Real Startup program was extremely rewarding. Through it, you are getting hands-on knowledge from industry experts and a sneak peek into some of the world’s leading companies. On top of that, the level and commitment of the mentors involved are second to none. The network you gain is invaluable.
— Haraldur Hugosson, Genki Instruments
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Real Startup is a program where I didn’t just learn what makes the arts and tech industry tic, I experienced what it feels like to be part of it first hand. In doing this, I naturally formed meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with peers and professionals; something that no amount of university courses could replicate.
— Tyler Bisson, Playgrounds
Building a startup is hard. Working with encouraging and supportive people make the journey worthwhile. Real Startup allowed me to be surrounded every day by incredibly talented and knowledgeable people that get me excited about opportunities in entrepreneurship in the music industry. My co-founder and I are still in regular contact with a lot of the mentors we met in the program, and their constant positivity and support is truly invaluable.
— Carissa Estilo, Curtain Call