Co-Creation in the Music Industry (Featuring Microsoft)

September 12, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

Real Industry's Executive Director, Jay LeBoeuf, worked with Microsoft to co-create a panel: Co-Creation in the Music Industry.

In this video, Jay LeBoeuf facilitates a discussion with Peter Gray, Greg Mertz, and Joe London to illustrate how the music industry connects creative resources to disrupt the status quo. This video is part of a broader body of work by Microsoft's Office Envisioning team and PopTech on the Changing World of Work.

Over the past six months, the Microsoft Office Envisioning team has been exploring how networks propel the co-creation of new value. This journey included conversations and interviews with more than 60 remarkable people who operate beyond the boundaries of traditional organizations – innovation officers, renowned professors, makers, artists, and engineers who create global communities, civic movements, new marketplace platforms and innovative products and services. And we found some surprising and enduring patterns – patterns of tension that cultivate creativity in networks!

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