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Pandora Challenges 2017 In Review

October 4, 2017, October 9, 2017, October 11, 2017, October 21, 2017 | In partnership with BloodPop®, USC Thornton Music Industry Program, Manchester Orchestra, 1 Million 4 Anna, and the MTSU Music Business program, Common, and the NYU Steinhardt Music Business Program, Jack Antonoff, The Ally Coalition, and the UMass Lowell Music Business and Recording Technology Programs

In 2017, Real Industry and Pandora empowered the next generation of media, music, and business leaders on a US campus tour. Over 1,200 students worked with major artists (Tegan and Sara, Common, Jack Antonoff, Manchester Orchestra, and BloodPop®) to support the artist’s Foundations (The Ally Coalition, Tegan and Sara Foundation, Common Ground Foundation, Make Yourself Foundation, 1 Million 4 Anna, Made of Music) Student’s applied their music and business skills towards real-world awareness and social impact campaigns for mental health, cancer research, helping students and musicians in underserved communities, and LGBT equality. Students had exclusive access to Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform and real-world data provided by Pandora and Next Big Sound.

University of Massachusetts, Lowell Pandora Challenge (supporting Jack Antonoff)

October 21, 2017  |  In partnership with Jack Antonoff, The Ally Coalition, and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell Music Business and Sound Recording Technology programs. #pandorachallenge

Every year, Jack Antonoff and The Ally Coalition organize The Talent Show, a celebrity-packed  music and talent showcase, to benefit LGBTQ equality and issues. How might we create a series of fan engagements before, during, and after the event to allow The Talent Show to live on long after the performances? How might concert attendees at The Talent Show engage with their friends, fellow fans, and their communities before, during, and after the show? How might we engage Jack Antonoff's listeners, fanbase, and friendly artists? How might we engage fans, listeners, and friends to support The Ally Coalition?

To solve these problems, students were provided access to Jack Antonoff's proprietary Next Big Sound profile. Offered as part of by Pandora's Artist Marketing Platform tools, this interactive portal helped students learn about Jack's fanbase, social reach, engagement, geographical impact, and Pandora listener data. 

Students created marketing campaigns, Pandora Artist Audio Message, and strategies to engage Jack Antonoff's fans to be launched by The Ally Coalition.

Congrats to the winning team of Andrew Silveira (Biology 2021), Andrew Marshall (Music Studies 2021), Shaina Perates (Music Business 2021), Renee Lamy (Music Business 2021), Emma Glynn (Music 2018). Their proposal included a series of social media campaigns dispelling common
misconceptions about the LGBTQ, photo booths in the lobby, and hashtag campaigns during and immediately following the event.  

Mentors from L-R: Kim Pfluger (iZotope), Brittany Holloway (Pandora), Heather Ellis (Pandora), Jeb Gutelius (The Ally Coaltion)

Mentors from L-R: Kim Pfluger (iZotope), Brittany Holloway (Pandora), Heather Ellis (Pandora), Jeb Gutelius (The Ally Coaltion)


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