New York University Pandora Challenge with The War on Drugs & GRAMMY™ Music Education Coalition

September 26th, 2018 | In partnership with The War on Drugs and the GRAMMY™ Music Education Coalition, presented with New York University #PandoraChallenge 

The Real Industry Pandora Challenge events give students a look behind the curtain into real-world artist marketing technologies and scenarios. This is the type of work they can put on resumes during future internship and job searches.
— Heather Ellis, Manager, Artist Marketing at Pandora

On Wednesday, September 26th, New York University students came together for a kickoff event in partnership with The War on Drugs and the GRAMMY™ Music Education Coalition for the Pandora Challenge. The GRAMMY™ Music Education Coalition is a non-profit collective dedicated to building universal music education participation in elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

At this event, students formed teams to create music marketing and playlist campaigns to support the GRAMMY™ Music Education Coalition in positively impacting the lives of young people. This is the power of music and technology powering social impact.

The program educates, empowers, inspires thousands of students for careers in music, media, marketing, and business. Students make a dent in the universe, while gaining the real-world experience and professional networks they need to secure future employment.
— Jay LeBoeuf, Founder and Executive Director at Real Industry

The assignment is to create, launch, market, and optimize playlists that drive awareness to the mission of GRAMMY™ Music Education Coalition. The playlists will include an introduction from The War on Drugs and student-created voice messages that educate listeners about the non-profit’s mission. The student teams have four weeks to grow their listenership and influence their audience to become activated in the conversation around the power of music in transforming lives and access to music resources for all.

The New York University Pandora Challenge wrapped up on October 24th! Congratulations to the winning teams!

The Comedown

Carmen Lustik - Music Composition for Film and Multimedia - Class of 2021

Elizabeth Croteau - Music Composition for Songwriting and Production - Class of 2021

Akua Amponsah - Journalism Class of 2022

Raised by Radio

Emily Knesevitch - Music Business - Class of 2019

Aranyaka Verma - Music Business - Class of 2019

Paul Sergent - Music Business - Class of 2019

Stephanie Goldberg - Music Business - Class of 2019

For more on the Pandora Challenges, check out Pandora’s article: http://blog.pandora.com/us/pandora-real-industrys-second-annual-university-challenge/

ISMIR ThinkTank Workshop at New York University

August 5th, 2016

30 students in computer science, electrical engineering, and music were immersed in a full-day workshop. 30 students — across computer science, electrical engineering, and music — worked in teams of 4 to commercialize a new pair of wireless ear buds. Participants were mentored by a team of 9 industry professionals. Each sprint was a hands-on workshop targeting a role that is critical to bringing a music information retrieval or media technology product to market. Participants created the product, technology, and commercialization plans for a new pair of always-listening, wireless Internet-connected earbuds!

Thank you to our mentors

Derek Tingle, MIR Engineer, SoundCloud
Jean-Baptiste Rolland, Research Software Developer, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Keith Martin, Manager, Algorithms & Cloud Experiences, Bose
Leigh Smith, Software Engineer, LANDR
Quincy Hunt, Developer - Amazon Music, Amazon
Stacey Messier, Creative Strategist, iZotope
Stephanie Sajeski-Franquie, Director of Marketing, Sajeski-Franquie Household
Stephen Hempton, Director of Hardware Products, ROLI
Steve Tjoa, Engineer, Researcher, Consultant, Stanford University