Careers in Media Technology at NYU

July 1-2, 2017  |  In partnership with Dolby, Bose, Sonos, Spotify, and Pandora.

In this 2 day workshop, students learned 10 key industry roles from the world’s leading digital media, consumer electronics, and music companies. Participants were able to build their portfolio and industry skills, as well as meet industry pros as they work on real-world product design challenges to commercialize new products.

McGill Tech Week Workshop

January 23, 2017  |  In partnership with LANDR and Turtle Beach.

In this workshop, students gained hands-on experience in applying marketing skills to the ever growing music, gaming, and entertainment technology industries through work on real-world product design challenges with executives from LANDR. This workshop enabled students to better translate their college-learned skills to a specific job, while teaching them about the opportunities available for them in the music, digital media, entertainment technology, and consumer electronics industries. This workshop gave students an insight into how marketing actually works and aided them in developing their professional network.

JMC Academy, Australia

September 2, 5, 8, 2016  |  In partnership with JMC Academy and UTS Sydney (Sydney event only)

Jay LeBoeuf presented an immersive and interactive workshop on the inner practices of high-level media technology companies, offering guidance for potential career paths in media technology industries. This workshop was split into 3 different events, in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

ISMIR ThinkTank Workshop at New York University

August 5th, 2016

30 students in computer science, electrical engineering, and music were immersed in a full-day workshop. 30 students — across computer science, electrical engineering, and music — worked in teams of 4 to commercialize a new pair of wireless ear buds. Participants were mentored by a team of 9 industry professionals. Each sprint was a hands-on workshop targeting a role that is critical to bringing a music information retrieval or media technology product to market. Participants created the product, technology, and commercialization plans for a new pair of always-listening, wireless Internet-connected earbuds!

Thank you to our mentors

Derek Tingle, MIR Engineer, SoundCloud
Jean-Baptiste Rolland, Research Software Developer, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Keith Martin, Manager, Algorithms & Cloud Experiences, Bose
Leigh Smith, Software Engineer, LANDR
Quincy Hunt, Developer - Amazon Music, Amazon
Stacey Messier, Creative Strategist, iZotope
Stephanie Sajeski-Franquie, Director of Marketing, Sajeski-Franquie Household
Stephen Hempton, Director of Hardware Products, ROLI
Steve Tjoa, Engineer, Researcher, Consultant, Stanford University